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For many years, Baloise's training and development offerings have provided a gateway to a sustainable career. For these people, Baloise offers a starting basis for a sustainably successful future.

Baloise also cultivates this attitude with its commitment to promoting modern art - through purchases for its own collection and with the Baloise Art Prize: Baloise promotes the artistic careers of young and up-and-coming talents.

Due to its prestige, the Baloise Art Prize has also become a springboard for artists to embark on successful careers. Many earlier prizewinners are now prominent members of the international art scene. The winners are listed here.

The prize money enables the young recipients to continue their work. At the same time, the acquisition of their artworks, which are then donated to well-known museums, offers an ideal platform to present their talent. This combination of prize money, acquisition, donation and exhibition within one art prize is unique, and continues to make the Baloise Art Prize much sought-after and highly acclaimed.

How does the Baloise Art Prize work?

Since the beginning of the collaboration with Art Basel in 1999, the interest of young galleries to participate in the Statements sector of Art Basel has steadily increased. Each year, over 250 galleries apply to present their art in Basel. The Selection Committee of Art Basel has the challenging task of selecting 18 positions from this flood of applications, which are then presented to a worldwide audience at Art Basel in the Statements sector. The nominees are listed here.

The jury for the Baloise Art Prize in turn selects the two prize winners from these pre-selected positions. The jury is composed anew each year: in addition to representatives of the two donated museums, there is in each case a collector as well as a representative of an art institution or holder of a chair. In the run-up to the fair, the jury members will receive the application dossiers of the pre-selected positions in order to be able to prepare themselves well. Especially the longer video works can thus be taken into account.

The jury will meet on the Monday of the fair to determine the two winners in two rounds of intensive deliberations. In the first round the jury members deal individually with each position on site, in the second round the gallery owners and the artists present their works.

After this intensive round of presentations, the jury retires for deliberations. In our experience, the jury's decision is made in the evening and is only communicated at the Art Basel media conference the following day.

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