Art Basel 2020 digital - Baloise preview

June 17, 2020
The opening of our new exhibition usually takes place on Wednesday during Art Basel at the Kunstforum Baloise at the headquarters. Since Art Basel 2020 had to be cancelled, the opening reception has been cancelled as well - but not the exhibition.

The current art forum Baloise shows works by Candida Höfer from our collection.

Candida Höfer has worked in Basel several times since the 1990s. The artist leads us to places that are little known (for instance the theological library at the Frey-Grynaeisch Institute), that are inaccessible to the public (e.g. the old Board Room of Hoffmann-La Roche AG), or that we mostly prefer to shut out of our awareness (the Institute of Anatomy), as well as to public places such as the "Stadtcasino", albeit in a way that we have never perceived before. 

We will open the new art forum in Baloise Park with an exhibition by Thomas Schütte. We will see sculptures that were shown in his last exhibition in Bregenz (hence the clip from Bregenz), but also new works that have never been shown before.

The German sculptor and illustrator is one of the most important artists of the presence. His artistic focus includes watercolours and drawings – some of which are also in the Baloise collection – as well as models and installations. 

The most important group of works, however, is his sculptures. For this, Thomas Schütte usually starts with small wax or sound models. They are then cast in bronze or steel in large formats up to six metres high.

Exhibitions at the art forum Baloise: