Media release

February 19, 2020
Baloise is offering a digital tour of its art collection. All the information on the company’s engagement with the art world can now be found at

Baloise’s art collection to become accessible to all online

Baloise’s commitment to art is a well-established tradition. The collection makes a significant contribution to both corporate and social culture at Baloise, as the company views the privilege of owning art as being linked to an obligation to make that art accessible to a wider public. In line with this approach, the complete art collection is now being made available to view online.

Alongside information on thematic exhibitions at the Baloise Art Forum, the website now also offers insights into the collection and presents profiles on artists and their works. In addition, details of all the winners of the Baloise Art Prize, which has been awarded for 22 years, can be found on the website.

Initially, principally photography and works of art on paper will be available online. Over the coming months, additional groupings of artworks from the approximately 1,500-strong collection will be added. This digital insight into Baloise’s art collection will offer interested parties from outside the company easier access to general information and loan enquiries.