Baloise has a long tradition of promoting talent. With the Baloise Art Prize, it has been supporting young artists for over 20 years. Now it is going one step further and opening up the Baloise Park Art Forum to young curators.

Participation and the corresponding communication of art are just as much a part of the corporate culture as is the promotion of young and emerging talent - through purchases for the company's own collection and with the Baloise Art Prize. This promotional idea now also characterizes the exhibitions at the Baloise Park Art Forum. Baloise makes the premises available to young curators so that they can share their freshly acquired knowledge with a broader public for 6 months at a time. They are supported by the experienced art consultant Frédérique Hutter.

In addition to the support of an experienced exhibition organizer and the given exhibition theme, the young curators will have the comprehensive structure at their disposal: the fund of a collection of 1,700 works, from which at least one work is to be shown in the exhibition, professional art handling, documentation, advertising, mediation, and the corresponding communication, which will be part of the overall commitment.


WHO CAN HEAR THE MONSTER SPEAK? by Julia Hegi and Antonia Rebekka Truninger. June 15 - October 16, 2022. Performance during Kunsttage Basel by Alexandra Bachzetsis: Saturday, 3 September, 18:00.



Édouard Vuillard. In the Louvre - Paintings for a Basel Villa. 18 September 2021 - 28 January 2022

Thomas Schütte 17 September 2020 - 30 April 2021

Candida Höfer 30 June 2020 - 30 October 2021

Timeline Baloise Art Prize 5 February - 20 June 2020

Karsten Födinger 12 June – 25 October 2019

Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc 18 June - 30 October 2018

Kemang Wa Lehulere 30 November 2017 - 25 May 2018

Susanne Kriemann 14 June – 27 October 2017

Luke Fowler 24 November 2016 - 26 May 2017

Video Portrait

Behind the piece of art

Seeing a work from the collection through the eyes of the artists. Baloise pursues this idea with video portraits, which are constantly being expanded. The portraits are intended to provide an opportunity to view works from the collection from a different angle.

Thomas Schütte

René Küng